Irrigation Blow Outs

Protect your system from freezing and make it easy with Top Green Certified Technicians. We will service all irrigation brands no matter the size, and guarantee our work.

Note: It is best for a qualified licensed contractor to perform this service.

Our Process:
We utilize air compressors with a Cubic Foot per Minute (CFM) rating of at least 80 for any mainline of 2″ or less. Caution: a small shop compressor (1-3 HP) will not have enough “free” air to properly winterize the system. It can be dangerous to you and your system to fully charge the holding tank then release the highly-pressurized air flow into the mainline to compensate for the compressor’s lack of CFM. We attached the compressor to the mainline via a quick coupler, hose bib or other type connection of ½” or greater, which is located preferably after the backflow device. We will shut off the irrigation water supply and attach the air compressor hose to the fitting. We keep the blow out pressure below the maximum operating pressure specification of the lowest pressure rated component on that zone.


Each station/zone will be activated until no solid water can be seen exiting the heads; this should take only a few minutes per station/zone. If more time is needed we may use two or three short cycles per station/zone. Once the station/zone is clear or dry, we will not continue to blow air through the pipe. Compressed air moving through dry pipes can cause friction, which will create heat and could cause damage.

Once the water has been removed from the irrigation system, we disconnect the air compressor and release any air pressure that may be present. If your backflow device has ball valves, we will open and close the isolation valves on the backflow device multiple times to ensure that any trapped water has escaped from the upper areas. We leave the isolation valves open at an aprox. 45° angle and open the test cocks. We will leave the plug(if you have one) with you or on your controller.

Top Green guarantees that we will properly winterize your system and insure no damage from freezing temperatures, or improper practices. If there’s damage due to our negligence, Top Green will repair the damage free of charge.

Exclusions: The system was not winterized prior to freezing temperatures, The backflow device will not be warrantied if the hookup was upstream(before) of the backflow device, The hookup is smaller than ½” for 1” mainlines or ¾” for mainlines larger than 1”, The system wasn’t in complete working order i.e. zone/valve wouldn’t turn on, The water shut off valve has a leak or is opened after service and freezing temps occur, more exclusions may apply if all proper practices were applied.

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